Resources: Medication Assistance

Health Insurance and prescription drug access are an incredibly complex topics. Just when you think that you understand and know what you need to navigate your way through the system, things change. 

Authorized Generic Drugs:

An authorized generic drug is a generic drug that is produced by the original manufacturer or another company approved by the brand name drug company. Some authorized generic drugs are manufactured by the same company that produces the brand name drug. These are same as an approved brand name drug except that they may have a different label and they are lower in price. Authorized generics may be marketed by the brand name drug company or by another company. In some cases, authorized generics are manufactured by another company that has the permission of the brand name drug company. In these cases the authorized manufacturer usually markets the generic under their name and label. While they do have the manpower to verify whether or not they are still being manufactured and if not, when manufacturing ceased, the FDA has a list of authorized generic drugs on their website. You can also ask your pharmacist whether or not there is an authorized generic version of your medicine and whether or not it is produced by the brand name drug company. For more information.

Medication Assistance Programs:

Needy Meds is a nonprofit that helps patients and care givers connect with programs to help patients afford their medications and other health care costs. They offer a free drug discount card and short – most are 25 minutes to a half hour long – educational webinars on a variety of health and wellness related topics. I have attended several of their webinars and they are a go to recommendation for patients and caregivers. They also offer a newsletter service PAPUS, Patient Assistance Program Update Service that gives subscribers information about patient medication assistance programs and a monthly update of newly FDA approved generic drugs that includes the brand name, generic drug name with its formulation and strength, generic manufacturer and the approval date.

The American Heart Association also has a comprehensive list of medication assistance programs on their website.

A very special thank you (hat tip) to Janet Campbell at Elderspark for collaborating with PME to help us bring you this list of Health Insurance and Medication Assistance Resources.