A Nonprofit Advancing Best Practices


Prevent Medical Error (PME) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit advancing best practices to reduce medical errors. Health care issues are among the most pressing problems that our global society faces today. So, preventing and mitigating the effects of medical errors by identifying and advancing strategies to reduce them provides enormous positive economic benefit. Simple practices such as encouraging patients to keep a medication list and distributing it to their health care providers or, raising awareness to prevent unnecessary drug switches lead to cost savings and more importantly, to helping keep patients safe.

PME’s Patient Pyramid of Care is a powerful visual symbol. It emphasizes the important relationship between the patient, and their physician and pharmacist. Each plays a vital role in preventing medical errors, improving patient safety, and keeping health care costs in check.




Unfortunately, patient care is no longer centered on the individual patient. Instead, it’s based on “algorithms” and other convoluted data that is designed to confuse and frustrate patients and their care givers.