Medical Errors

PME came into existence when the founder was volunteering as a patient advocate and she began to notice potential problems with certain prescription drugs. The following year, while reviewing financial filings related to a drug shortage, she discovered that this shortage  stemmed from contamination issues resulting from a pharmaceutical subcontractor’s manufacturing deficiencies. Shortly afterwards, in an ironic twist, she herself became permanently disabled after taking a generic drug. This motivated and focused PME’s mission to help identify and get these, and other adulterated drugs off pharmacy shelves.


What Motivates PME?

Medical errors are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States. Leading triggers include:

  • Misdiagnoses
  • Incomplete diagnosis
  • Adverse drug events
  • Transfers of care
  • Loss of focus on patient care
  • Cascades of small errors
  • Drug drug and drug supplement interactions

Globalization and outsourcing of medical products such as prescription drugs and medical services also increases risk of error because these modern realities convolute and lengthen the supply chain.

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