The Affordable Care Act (Obama Care)  is a reality, prescription drug use is on the rise and changes resulting from health care reform are upon us. We continue serving as a guide during this time of flux, and, as always, we remain dedicated to reduce medical errors.

One of PME’s goals is to try to change the culture so that, along with their providers, patients who may have received adulterated or other unfit drugs are encouraged to come forward to cooperate with authorities and receive the type of community support and government response that they deserve.

There’s been a big increase in the rate of generic drug use. Whether or not ObamaCare is abolished we expect ther ate of generic drug use to remain high. As a small nonprofit with limited resources, we continue to put emphasis on lower-cost generic drugs. They are a great way to cut healthcare costs, but doctors are only going to prescribe them and patients are only going to take them if they think that that they’re safe and effective. We also continue to collaborate with other organizations, patients, their doctors and pharmacists, and when necessary, with the appropriate officials to help ensure this.

Other Priorities Include:

  • Keeping health and insurance premium cost increases in check
  • Helping patients stay healthier and more productive for longer time periods
  • Lowering error risk and increasing security
  • Simplyfing and reducing “red tape”  and resulting errors

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