Prevent Medical Error 

Medical error victims and their loved ones are often left on their own to navigate exceedingly complex regulatory and legal systems. At the same time, they are often still vulnerable and may be enduring the ill effects medical errors including adulterated drug dispenses. Now that the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care)  has become a reality, costs are rising and patients may be at higher risk of medical error. (Click here for more)


The Patient Pyramid of Care

PME’s Pyramid of Care is one example of a simple, but powerful visual strategy that emphasizes the important relationship between the patient at the top of the pyramid, and the physician and the pharmacist at the base.  Each – patient, physician, and pharmacist – plays a vital role in preventing medical errors, improving patient safety, and keeping health care costs in check, but it is only when they collaborate with one another that real change begins to happen.


When you’re feeling overwhelmed by the growing complexity and fragmentation of today’s health care system, think about the simplicity of PME’s Patient Pyramid of Care. Let it serve as a reminder of the essential connection between you, and your doctor and pharmacist, and as a guide to help you cut through the growing number of avoidable distractions that can and do lead to medical errors.

Learn more about PME and its efforts to keep patients safe, and learn how you can help us continue our mission of advancing best practices.

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